Monday, March 1, 2010

Organizing/Cleaning Help

I was referred to a website called 12 Minutes to GO (Get Organized). I love it!! They send you an email everyday (if you sign up for one on their site) with a task to do for the day.


12 min - Fill the water reservoir in your coffee maker half way with white
vinegar and run the coffee maker as you normally do (without grounds, of course)
and then run it once full of water. If it still has a vinegar smell, you can run
water through a second time. This will help remove mineral deposits and residue
left by normal use.

This is what I got for an email today. It kind of helps me remember those things that might get forgotten about or put off.

You can go to to sign up! They also have th option of printing of a list so you can put it on your fridge!

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