Monday, March 1, 2010

Stockpile Photos

For those of you that don't know this.....stockpiles to bargain hunters are not for when the world comes to an end.  What it is, is we find the BEST price (one that we choose) for an item.  Then when it gets to that price we buy buy buy.  Usually this means that we have purchased enough of an item to be very selective of the price we pay for it the next time.  For instance, I REFUSE to pay over $1/box for cereal (General Mills or Kelloggs).  So when it is under $1 I will purchase several boxes.  Now, how do I get it for under $1?  I wait until one of my double coupon stores (Hilander - Kroger or Logli - Schnucks) has a good sale...say 5 for $10.  Then I look for $0.55 off 1 box coupons.  These double to $1.10, so $0.90/box. 

These are the totes FULL!  There is anything in those from Mens/Womens Razors (approx Free - $1) Body Wash (FREE) - Light Bulbs (Free) - Storage Bags (Free to $0.50) - Cleaning supplies and MORE

Electrasol - $1 ea - Laundry Soap - $2 and under - Tide Stain Release Free - $2 - Downy $2.99
Mt. Dew 2 Liters - $0.37 - Most of the canned goods are $0.60 and under

Special K bars - $1.00 and under - Cereal - $1 and under - Mt Dew 12pks $1.25

Closer View of the organization
Kraft Mac & Cheese $0.37 or less - Old El Paso Rice - Free - Swiss Miss - Free - Cheese Nips - Free - 100 Calorie Right Bites - $0.69

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