Monday, March 1, 2010

Swagbucks Gift Cards

I redeemed points before the crazy birthday thing with Swagbucks and just wanted to let everyone know that the gift cards are posting!! It's always such a happy day when you get free money :)

If you aren't signed up with Swagbucks yet here is a little information. You can use them like you would to any search engine. The difference is that you may (or may not) earn points on your searches. They also have codes that you can enter to earn points. They have a store where you can redeem your points. They have changed A LOT since last Thursday goes. But as it goes right now, you need 450 points for a $5 gift card.'s easy money!!

If you are interested here is a referral link. By clicking this link I will receive matching points. What you win on your searches I will win as well. So yes, I do benefit from the referral.

Search & Win

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